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Dazzler is a Python (>=3.6) async web framework. Create dazzling fast pages with a layout of python components and bindings to update from the backend.


Install with pip: $ pip install dazzler


  • Fast WebSocket based communication, deliver updates in realtime to thousands of connected clients at once.

  • Lightweight bundles for fast initial page load.

  • Support for third party integrations via middlewares.

  • Session & authentication systems.

  • No HTML/CSS/JS knowledge required, write everything with Python.

  • Multi page based.

  • Hot reload.

  • Tons of components.

Basic example

Create a page with a layout and assign a binding to set the output component children when clicked on.

from dazzler import Dazzler
from dazzler.system import Page, Trigger, BindingContext
from dazzler.components import core

app = Dazzler(__name__)
page = Page(
        core.Html('H2', 'My dazzler page'),
        core.Input(identity='input', placeholder='Enter name'),
        core.Button('Click me', identity='click-me'),

@page.bind(Trigger('click-me', 'clicks'))
async def on_click(context: BindingContext):
    name = await context.get_aspect('input', 'value')
    await context.set_aspect(
        'output', children=f'Hello {name}'

if __name__ == '__main__':


Full documentation hosted on readthedocs.

Get help for the command line tools: $ dazzler --help